The 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown was the third Ultimate Schmoedown and the first to be held at the Collider Videos YouTube channel. It featured 8 of the Schmoedown's top singles contenders in tournament that will give the winner a title shot against Dan Murrell at the 2016 Schmoedown Spectacular


ROUND ONE 8 questions, all worth 1 point are asked to both competitors. The competitors will answer the question by writing their answers on the whiteboards in as little time as possible before getting a 5 second countdown. If the competitor doesn’t get the answer right, no points will be awarded.

ROUND TWO Each competitor will spin a wheel with 14 categories listed. If the competitor does not want to answer from the first category spun, he or she may spin again (unless the first spin is Opponent's Choice). If he or she spins a second time, the category on which the spinner lands must be used (if a competitor who is the second to spin lands on the category from which the first competitor answered, he or she must spin again (the original spin does not count as a spin)). Each competitor gets four questions with each question weighted two points. Multiple choice is available but the answer will reduce the value to one point. If a competitor makes an incorrect guess their opponent may steal the question if they know the answer. If no multiple choice is offered, the opponent will not be able to utilize multiple choice. The opponent will be awarded two points if they steal and answer without multiple choice and one point if they steal and answer the multiple choice.

ROUND THREE Each competitor will get three questions from a random selection of categories. Question number one is weighted one point. Question number two is worth three points. Question number three is worth five points. No stealing allowed.



Dates Favorite Underdog Final Score Winner
9/2/2016 Mark Reilly (5-1) Eliot Dewberry (1-0) 14-13 Reilly
9/9/2016 Samm Levine (2-1) Mark Ellis (2-1) 16-19 Ellis
9/16/2016 Kristian Harloff (3-2) John Rocha (2-1) 19-21 Rocha
9/23/2016 Clarke Wolfe (3-1) Josh Macuga (4-3) 15-17 Macuga


Dates Favorite Underdog Final Score Winner
9/30/2016 Mark Ellis (3-1) Josh Macuga (5-3) 16-14 Ellis
10/7/2016 Mark Reilly (6-1) John Rocha (3-1) 14-18 Rocha


Dates Favorite Underdog Final Score Winner
10/21/2016 John Rocha (4-1) Mark Ellis (4-1) 13-18 Ellis
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