Match HistoryEdit


Date Competitor Outcome Notes
4/13/2018 Loss 2018 Free 4 All
7/13/2018 Dan Murrell Win by TKO 2018 Collider Collision
9/4/2018 Mark Reilly Win by TKO
9/25/2018 John Rocha Loss #1 Contender Match

Team MatchesEdit

"Team Action"

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
3/14/2017 Night Sisters (Emma Fyffe & Joelle Monique) Win by TKO
5/2/2017 Nerd's Watch (Ken Napzok & Rachel Cushing) Loss in SD
6/20/2017 Late to the Party (Robert Montano & Vanessa Fitzsimmons) Win
8/23/2017 Deep Cuts (Thadd Williams & Aaron Wilhelm) Win by TKO 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
9/5/2017 Team Trek (Scott Mantz & Jason Inman) Win by TKO 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
9/13/2017 Top 10 (John Rocha & Matt Knost) Win 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/14/2017 Above the Line (Samm Levine & Drew McWeeny) Loss #1 Contender Match

2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Final

12/22/2017 Top 10 (II) (John Rocha Matt Knost) Loss

#1 Contender Match

2017 Schmoedown Spectacular

5/22/2018 DC Movie News (Mike Kalinowski & Adam Gertler) Win
6/8/2018 Shirewolves (Clarke Wolfe & Rachel Cushing) Loss Schmoedown Live

#1 Contender Match

Ultimate Schmoedown History Edit

Year Category Result
2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Tag Team Final (2nd Place)