Match History Edit

Singles Matches Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
6/10/16 Kristian Harloff Win
4/7/17 Kristian Harloff (II) Loss

Team Matches Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
4/4/17 Team Collider (Kristian Harloff & John Rocha) Loss

2017 Sexual Assault Allegations and Banned Edit

In October 2017, Signore was fired from Screen Junkies after it was reported that multiple women and female co-workers exposed him for sexual harassment and sexual assault within the work place. Shortly after Signore employment was terminated and Screen Junkies erased all of their Flick Bait videos and a huge amount of Screen Junkies video from their Youtube channel. Signore also made a couple appearances on Collider's channel including a few episodes of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown and the company quickly decided to delete all the videos they made with Signore showing that they did not want to be associated with someone who was convicted of assault and cut all ties with Signore never to work or collaborate with him again.