Dennis Tzeng (born June 24, 1976) is the Vice President of Production at Collider Video. He also hosts Movie Talk on Fridays and regularly appears on the show throughout the week.

Match History Edit

Singles Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
4/14/17 Loss 2017 Free 4 All
4/13/18 Loss 2018 Free 4 All

Teams Edit

Team Collider Edit

Dates Competitor Outcome
8/20/15 Team Sourcefeed (Matt Lieberman & Steve Zaragoza) Win 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/22/15 Team B.O.B (JTE & Finstock) Loss 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown

Ultimate Schmoedown History Edit

Year Category Result
2015 Ultimate Schmoedown Tag Team Quarterfinals (5th Place)