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Match History[]


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
8/21/14 Tiffany Smith Slapstick Spoof Win 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/25/14 Kristian Harloff Movie Quotes Loss by KO 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown
4/22/16 Jon Schnepp Sports Movies Win
5/27/16 Clarke Wolfe Sandra Bullock Loss
12/2/16 Samm Levine Action/Adventure Loss by TKO
2/3/17 Josh Macuga 70's Loss Loser Banned For A Year
4/13/18 2018 Free 4 All None Loss Draw Number: 39

Emma Fyffe

Thadd Williams

Kristian Harloff (II)

Opponents Choice-Scores and Soundtracks Loss (4th)

Commissioner Bowl

2018 Schmoedown Spectacular



Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
8/6/15 Geek (John CampeaTiffany Smith) 90's Win 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/22/15 Collider (Jon SchneppDennis Tzeng) Leonardo DiCaprio Win 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/22/15 Top 10 (Matt KnostJohn Rocha)

Sports Movies


Sandra Bullock

Win 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown
5/6/16 Schmoes (Kristian HarloffMark Ellis)

Coming of Age



Loss 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown Final


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
9/13/16 Patriots (JTE & Jeff Sneider)



Oscar Movies

Loss by KO
11/22/16 Wangers (Christian Ruvalcaba & Robert Butler III) Romantic Comedies Win

Ultimate Schmoedown History[]

Year Category Result
2014 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Quarterfinals (6th Place)
2015 Ultimate Schmoedown Tag Team Finals (2nd Place)

Previous Avatars[]

Awards and Nominations[]

2015 Teams Tournament Finalist


2016 Heel of the Year

2017 Moment of the Year (Andreyko dresses up as Finstock to play Macuga)

2017 Upset of the Year ("Findreyko" (Andreyko as Finstock) loses to Macuga)