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Match History[]


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
4/14/17 2017 Free 4 All None Loss Draw Number: 3
6/2/17 Stacy Howard Julia Roberts Loss

Team Matches[]

"Tuff Beats"

Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
11/29/16 Double Jeopardy (Samm Levine & Brad Rutter) Spinners Choice-Fantasy/Sci-Fi Win by KO
1/24/17 ETC (Eliot Dewberry & Ricky Hayberg) Movie Quotes Loss
3/7/17 Nerd's Watch (Ken Napzok & Rachel Cushing) Spinners Choice-Horror/Thriller Loss by TKO
6/27/17 Six Degrees (Brianne Chandler & Stacy Howard) Spinners Choice-Pixar Loss by TKO Retirement Match

Awards and Nominations:[]


2016 Babyface Team of the Year (Tuff Beats)

2017 Entrance of the Year Teams (Tuff Beats Billy Madison Entrance v Six Degrees)