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Match History[]


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
5/28/21 Paul Walter Hauser Ed Harris Win
6/24/21 Ty Lieberman Opponents Choice-Video Game Movies Win
7/30/21 Jen Kempe Opponents Choice-Black Cinema Win 2021 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/9/21 Griffin Newman Opponents Choice-Pixar Loss by KO

2021 Ultimate Schmoedown

Schmoedown Live


"The Press Room"

Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
4/30/21 Rushmore (JTE & John Rocha) Comic Book Movies Loss by TKO 2021 Mid-Season Team Tournament
7/7/21 The Outsiders (Paul Preston & Ben Goddard) Spinners Choice-New Releases Win
10/14/21 The Old Guard (Mark Reilly & Alonso Duralde) Frances McDormand Win 2021 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/4/21 Danger Zone (Dan Murrell & Ben Bateman) Spinners Choice-New Releases Win 2021 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/12/21 King Arthur (Jeffrey Kan & Griffin Newman) Musicals Loss by TKO

#1 Contender Match

Schmoedown Throwdown

2021 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Final

Ultimate Schmoedown History[]

Year Category Result
2021 Mid-Season Team Tournament Teams Quarterfinals (7th Place)
2021 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Eighth-finals (13th Place)
2021 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Teams Finals (2nd Place)