Josh Macuga (born January 29, 1982) is the host of TV Talk and former social media manager for Collider.

Singles MatchesEdit

Schmoes Know EraEdit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
7/31/2014 Bonnie Somerville Win 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/20/2014 Ken Napzok Win 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/16/2014 Kristian Harloff Win 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/23/2014 Mark Reilly Loss

Championship Match

2014 Ultimate Schmoedown Final

Collider Era Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
4/5/2016 Clarke Wolfe Loss
6/3/2016 John Rocha Loss
8/19/2016 JTE Win 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown

Qualification Match

9/23/2016 Clarke Wolfe (II) Win 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/30/2016 Mark Ellis Loss 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown
12/16/2016 Kristian Harloff (II) Loss
2/3/2017 Finstock Win
3/17/2017 Jeff Sneider Loss
5/5/2017 Tom Dagnino Win
6/16/2017 Drew McWeeny Loss
9/29/2017 Mike Kalinowski Loss 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown
3/2/2018 Nick Scarpino Win
4/13/2018 Loss 2018 Free 4 All
5/25/2018 Stacy Howard Loss
11/6/2018 Lon Harris Loss 2018 Ultimate Schmoedown Mini-Qualifying Match

Teams Matches Edit

Schmoes Know EraEdit

"Team GMP" Edit
Date Competitor Outcome Notes
9/3/2015 Rotten Tomatoes (Matt Atchity & Grae Drake) Loss 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown

Collider Era Edit

"Megapowers" Edit
Date Competitor Outcome Notes
9/13/2016 Patriots (JTE & Jeff Sneider) Loss
11/22/2016 Wangers (Cobbster & RB3) Win
"Wildberries" Edit
Date Competitor Outcome Notes
8/31/2017 Wolves of Steel (Mark Reilly & Clarke Wolfe) Loss 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/28/2017 Only Stupid Answers (DJ Wooldridge & Sam Bashor) Loss
3/27/2018 Reel Rejects (Greg Alba & John Humphrey) Win Schmoedown Live
5/8/2018 Kingsmen (Jack Hind & Devon Stewart) Win by TKO
10/9/18 Evil Geniuses (JTE & Lon Harris) Loss 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown

Ultimate Schmoedown RecordEdit

Year Category Result
2014 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Finals (2nd place)
2015 Ultimate Schmoedown Tag Team Eighth-finals (10th place)
2016 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Semifinals (4rd place)
2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Tag Team Eighth-finals (10th place)
2017 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Eighth-finals (15th place)
2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Tag Team Eighth-finals (9th place)
2018 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Gauntlet Round (10th place)