Mark "Yodi" Reilly (born May 19, 1976) is a regular contributor on several shows on the Collider network. He is the producer of Collider Movie Talk. He is also the former 2 time Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion and as of December 18th, 2016, he held the record for longest winning streak with 5 wins and no losses. He also held the record for most knockouts before TKO's were introduced to the league. Mark Reilly's music of choice for his introduces is normally some kind of variation on a Superman theme.

2014 Ultimate SchmoedownEdit

Mark Reilly went in as one of the favorites in the 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament. He entered the studio in his first match as Yoda (after previous been nicknamed Yodi after guest Danielle McBride accidentally called him Yodi instead of Yoda during a game of celebrity impression dating game) before removing the robe and mask and unveiling the Superman shirt which has come to be his trading mark in the Schmoedown. In the first round he faced off against Alicia Malone and won by knockout, the first one to ever do so in a Schmoedown. In the quarterfinal he once again KO his opponent, this time Grae Drake, in the semifinal he went a close game with the tournaments surprise JTE, Reilly ultimately proved to be the stronger competitors and moved on to the Ultimate Schmoedown Final.

In the final awaited Josh Macuga who had beat the co-creator Kristian Harloff in the other semifinal after some controversy involving even Reilly himself. Reilly enter the final in his superman gear after vignette making fun of the controversy that had occurred in the semifinal between Macuga and Harloff. Reilly was the clear cut favorite as he had been in every match so far in the tournament but Macuga proved to be tougher opponent than expected and it was close going into the final round but Reilly was victorious and won the first ever championship match and got to raise the belt as the first ever Schmoedown champion. Reilly did not only become the first champion but also the first ever Ultimate Schmoedown winner.

2015 Ultimate SchmoedownEdit

The 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown was announced as being a team tournament which meant Reilly didn’t have to defend his title during the tournament but instead was given a chance to become the champion of both the singles and the team division. He teamed up with the ScreenJunkies Movie Fights champion Dan Murrell to form the Team Champs which saw Reilly enter another tournament as a favorite to win the entire thing. In the first round they managed to defeat the B-Team consisting of several Schmoes Know interns at the time. In the quarterfinal they faced off against at the time the relative unknown Team Top 10. After a rough round 2, Team Champs never managed to recover and was eliminated in an upset by Top 10, thus stopping Reilly from winning both tournaments in the AfterBuzz era of the Schmoedown.

2016 SeasonEdit

When the 2016 Schmoedown season began on Collider, Reilly was still the undefeated, undisputed singles champion, the 2016 season also saw Reilly introduce his now recognizable Superman jacket and t-shirt which now is his signature look after having been featured sporadically during the 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament. On April 29th he made his debut in season 3 and had his first title defense against his semifinal opponent in 2014 tournament JTE, Reilly won the match in round four earning him his third KO in his career. On July 8th he had his second title defense when he went up against his former team mate Dan Murrell in what became his first ever defeat in the singles division and him having to give up the belt after the title for 624 days and one successful defenses.

During the time of the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament, the team division also started up again and after having been part of the special “The Decision” he partnered up with Clarke Wolfe and former the Wolves of Steel. The newly formed super team made their debut, but things didn’t go as planned as they lost in their first match against Team Heroes. Reilly returned with Clarke Wolfe on November 15th against the Reel Rejects, but the Wolves of Steel was once again in trouble, they managed to narrowly beat the Reel Rejects to close out the 2016 season with 1-1 record in the team division.

2016 Ultimate SchmoedownEdit

Mark Reilly entered the 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament as the #1 seed and faced his first opponent in the quarterfinal on September 2nd against Eliot Dewberry of ETC. In the same week on October 7th he faced John Rocha of Top 10 in the semifinal of 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament. Reilly not only lost his second singles match of all time, the second match of the week but also lost for a second time against John Rocha after having been eliminated by Top 10 in the 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament.

2016 Schmoedown SpectacularEdit

Reilly was confirmed to play at the first ever big event in Schmoedown history, the 2016 Schmoedown Spectacular. He was scheduled for a rematch against John Rocha in a #1 contenders match do ultimately face Dan Murrell in match in early 2017. Reilly once again came up short against Rocha who proved to be Reilly’s kryptonite, now having defeated him twice in singles and another time in the team division, Rocha eventually went on to claim the belt against Dan Murrell.

2017 SeasonEdit

Mark Reilly was announced to be facing actor Samm Levine in his first match of the new season, Reilly didn’t enter in his usually Superman attire but instead entered as Quentin Tarantino, (who had directed Samm Levine in Inglourious Basterds) Reilly won the match and got another chance in a #1 contender match. He was set to play JTE for a third time in his next singles match for a chance at a title against the new champion and rival John Rocha. Reilly and Wolfe as Wolves of Steel also launched their 2017 season with a win over Six Degrees which put Reilly in another #1 contender match this season. Wolves of Steel faced ETC in the match and was victorious which led to them getting a title shot later during the year against the undefeated team champions, The Patriots with Jeff Sneider and JTE as the members of that team.

His next planned singles match against JTE didn’t precede as planned as his teammate Clarke Wolfe, who was also ahead of JTE in the singles ranking, challenged JTE to a match where the winner would then face Reilly for a shot at the title against John Rocha. Clarke Wolfe defeated JTE and the Wolves of Steel team mates faced off in a singles #1 contender match, Reilly came out victorious after a close battle and went into the first ever Free 4 All as the singles #1 contender match. Many Schmoedown stars entered the Free 4 All, including both Mark Reilly and the current champion and Reilly’s upcoming opponent in John Rocha. The Free 4 All did however not go as planned for Reilly as he saw himself eliminated early, he did get a shot to redeem himself as the title bout with Rocha was just one week out.

Reilly once again opted out of his regular Superman entrance and instead entered as Daniel Larusso from Karate Kid and imitated his crane kick move. After a back and forth match Reilly once again was declared the singles movie trivia Schmoedown champion and was finally able to defeat his nemesis John Rocha. He became the first ever 2 time Schmoedown champion and just a few weeks later he got a chance to become the first ever person to ever hold both the singles title and team title at the same time when the Wolves of Steel was finally competing against the undefeated Patriots. Reilly and Wolfe didn’t manage to become the first team to beat The Patriots and lost the championship match on the last question after having the lead for most of the match.

2017 Collider CollisionEdit

Mark Reilly had to refocus on the singles division as he had to defend his title in the first ever Collider Collision. Reilly was set to play Dan Murrell and was given a new chance to defend the title from Dan Murrell, as Murrell was the one who took the title from Reilly in the first place in 2016. Closer to the collision it was announced that the main event was going to be triple-threat match also involving John Rocha. This meant the only three singles champions so far was set to play each other in a match to really determine who’s the best among them is. Mark Reilly was going in as the defending champion but still the underdog in his first title defense in this run as champion and things didn’t go as planned as he was knockout early by Dan Murrell in the fourth round and once again had to see his title go to Dan Murrell. Reilly also announced his intentions to retire after his defeat at the Collision. Mark Reilly's second title hold ended after just 77 days and no title defenses, in total Reilly has held the Singles title for 701 days.

2017 Ultimate SchmoedownEdit

Although retired after his loss at the Collider Collision, his team partner Clarke Wolfe managed to convince him to go for one more run in the team division, so they entered the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown for another chance to beat the Patriots at the upcoming big event, the 2017 Schmoedown Spectacular. In the first round they beat the newly formed Wildberries consisting of Josh Macuga and Eliot Dewberry, in the quarterfinal they defeated the fan team of Late to the Party who had beaten one of the favorite team in round one. In the semifinal the suffered an unfortunately lost to the eventual tournament winner in Above the Line. Having been eliminated we saw Mark Reilly officially retire and take on a more behind the scenes role in the Schmoedown.

2018 SeasonEdit

In the 2018 Free 4 All, Reilly made a short appearance as he was eliminated after just one round. On the second ever Schmoedown Live event on June 2nd, Mark Reilly appeared at the end as one of the Five Horsemen which saw reunite with former team mate and former rival Dan Murrell as well as his former nemesis in John Rocha. The Five Horsemen also consisted of former team champion Matt Knost and the defending Innergeekdom champion Jason Inman. Mark Reilly made intentions clear of returning as active player in the league and was scheduled to face Team Action’s Andrew Ghai on September 4th. Ghai and Team Action had been feuding with different parts of the Five Horseman for the better part of a year and Ghai recently defeated Reilly’s stable mate Dan Murrell at the 2018 Collider Collision. Ghai once again proved too difficult for the Five Horseman and Reilly lost in his big return match, which saw him move down the ranking even further after having been out of the singles league for over a year. Later during the year, Reilly also competed in Patreon exlusive Horror themed match, Reilly was eliminated first and finished in 5th place.

2018 Ultimate SchmoedownEdit

Instead of the normal Ultimate Schmoedown team tournament, there were going to be an Anarchy tournament, which meant all the teams were going to be broken up and everyone were given new team mates and managers. Mark Reilly was handed Tom Dagnino as the manager and he was paired up with the other half of Team Action in Ben Bateman, they named themselves Who’s the Boss. They proved to complement each other and became a great team in the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament. In round one they defeated Crazy Eighty-Greats and in the quarterfinal they managed to beat the Cinemaniacs consisting of Reilly’s stable mate Matt Knost and the defending singles champion William Bibbiani. In the semifinal they faced off against KOrruption consisting of the newest Schmoedown star in Chance Ellison and the architect of the whole Anarchy tournament and the man who had been causing chaos in the Schmoedown for the better part of the season in Mike Kalinowski. After being able to defeat KOrruption in the semifinal they made their way to the finals facing off against The Harris Brothers and a chance to face the current team champions The Shirewolves consisting of Rachel Cushing and Reilly’s former team partner Clarke Wolfe at the 2018 Schmoedown Spectacular. Who's the Boss run away with the final after a impressive round two and managed to knockout the Harris brothers as early as in round three to advance to a title match against The Shirewolves.

2018 Schmoedown SpectacularEdit

After an almost flawless tournament in the 2018 Anarchy team tournament, Who's the Boss were scheduled to face the current team champions The Shirewolves at the biggest event of the year in schmoedown, at the Schmoedown Spectacular.

Single MatchesEdit

Schmoes Know EraEdit


Competitor Outcome Notes
7/17/14 vs Alicia Malone Win by KO 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/12/14 Grae Drake Win by KO 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/10/14 JTE Win 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/23/14 Josh Macuga Win

Championship Match

2014 Ultimate Schmoedown Final

Collider EraEdit


Competitor Outcome Notes
4/29/16 JTE Win by KO Championship Match
7/8/16 Dan Murrell Loss Championship Match
9/2/16 Eliot Dewberry Win 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/7/16 John Rocha Loss 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown
12/23/16 John Rocha (II) Loss #1 Contender Match

2016 Schmoedown Spectacular

1/27/17 Samm Levine Win
3/24/17 Clarke Wolfe Win #1 Contender Match
4/14/17 2017 Free 4 All Loss Full Roster
4/21/17 John Rocha (III) Win Championship Match
7/7/17 John Rocha (IV)

Dan Murrell (II)

Loss Collider Collision

Championship Match

4/13/18 2018 Free 4 All Loss Full Roster
9/4/18 Andrew Ghai Loss
2/8/19 TBD

Teams Matches Edit

Schmoes Know EraEdit

"Team Champs" Edit
Date Competitor Outcome Notes
8/27/15 B-Team (Cobbster, Ace Cabrera, & Cody Hall) Win 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/24/15 Top 10 (Matt Knost & John Rocha) Loss 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown

Collider EraEdit

"Wolves of Steel" Edit
Date Competitor Outcome Notes
10/4/16 Team Heroes (Jon Schnepp & Robert Meyer Burnett) Loss
11/15/16 Reel Rejects (Greg Alba & John Humphrey) Win
2/7/17 Six Degrees (Brianne Chandler & Stacy Howard) Win
4/18/17 ETC (Eliot Dewberry & Ricky Hayberg) Win #1 Contender Match
5/9/17 Patriots (JTE & Jeff Sneider) Loss Championship Match
8/31/17 Wildberries (Josh Macuga & Eliot Dewberry) Win by TKO 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
9/7/17 Late to the Party (Vanessa Fitzsimmons & Robert Montano) Win by KO 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
9/12/17 Above the Line (Samm Levine & Drew McWeeny) Loss 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
"Who's The Boss" Edit
Date Competitor Outcome Notes
9/28/18 Crazy Eighty-Greats (Eric Zipper & Haleigh Foutch) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
10/16/18 Cinemaniacs (William Bibbiani & Matt Knost) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/2/18 KOrruption (Mike Kalinowski & Chance Ellison) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/13/18 The Harris Brothers (Lon Harris & Jonathan Harris) Win by KO #1 Contender Match

2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Final

12/21/18 Shirewolves (Rachel Cushing & Clarke Wolfe) Loss Championship Match

2018 Schmoedown Spectacular

Exhibition Matches Edit

Collider Era Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
10/31/18 Kalyn Corrigan

Marc Andreyko

William Bibbiani

Haleigh Foutch

Loss (5th) Fatal Five-way

Horror Match

12/18/18 Brianne Chandler

Stacy Howard

John Rocha

Loss (2nd) Fatal Four-way

Holiday Movies Match

Ultimate Schmoedown RecordEdit

Year Category Result
2014 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Winner
2015 Ultimate Schmoedown Tag Team Quarterfinals (8th place)
2016 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Semifinals (3rd place)
2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Tag Team Semifinals (4th place)
2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Tag Team Winner

Achievements Edit


  • Former 2x Singles Champion
  • 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown Winner
  • 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Winner


  • The Yodi Award (2017)
  • Team Entrance of the Year (2017) [IT entrance against Wildberries]


  • Baby Face Team of the Year (2016)
  • Team Match of the Year (2016) [Wolves of Steel vs Reel Rejects]
  • Singles Player of the Year (2016)
  • Singles Entrance of the Year (2017) [Karate Kid entrance]
  • Match of the Year (2017) [Reilly vs Murrell vs Rocha]
  • Baby Face Team of the Year (2017)
  • Team of the Year (2017)
  • Babyface of the Year (2018)
  • New Team of the Year (2018) [Who's The Boss]
  • Match of the Year (2018) [Who's The Boss vs Shirewolves]
  • Team of the Year (2018) [Who's The Boss]