Rachel Cushing is the current Schmoedown team champion.

Match HistoryEdit


Date Competitor Outcome Notes
4/14/17 Loss 2017 Free 4 All
6/9/17 Nick Scarpino Win
10/10/17 Marc Andreyko Win 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/24/17 Stacy Howard Win by KO 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown
11/7/17 Samm Levine (I) Loss 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown
2/2/18 JTE

Mike Kalinowski

Win by TKO #1 Contender Match
3/6/18 Samm Levine (II) Loss Championship Match
4/13/18 Loss 2018 Free 4 All

Team MatchesEdit

"Nerd's Watch"

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
3/7/17 Tuff Beats (Perri Nemiroff & Jonathan Voytko) Win by TKO
5/2/17 Team Action (Ben Bateman & Andrew Ghai) Win in SD
7/7/17 Rotten Tomatoes (Matt Atchity & Grae Drake) Loss #1 Contender Match

2017 Collider Collision

9/1/17 Above the Line (Samm Levine & Drew McWeeny) Loss 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
12/12/17 Blofeld's Cat (Marc Andreyko & Robert Meyer Burnett) Loss Handicap match


Date Competitor Outcome Notes
3/20/18 Lion's Den (Ken Napzok & Tom Dagnino) Win
6/8/18 Team Action (Ben Bateman & Andrew Ghai) Win Schmoedown Live
8/3/18 World's Finest (Winston Marshall & Eric Zipper) Win by TKO #1 Contender Match
8/24/18 Sick in the Head (Brianne Chandler and Bryan Bishop) Win by KO Championship Match
12/21/18 Who's The Boss (Mark Reilly & Ben Bateman) Win Championship Match

2018 Schmoedown Spectacular


Date Competitor Outcome Notes
3/31/17 Michelle Boyd

Hal Rudnick

Jason Inman (I)

Jeremy Jahns

Loss (2nd) Fatal Five-way
8/1/17 Mike Kalinowski Win
11/24/17 Jason Inman (II)

Jay Washington

Coy Jandreau

Loss (2nd) #1 Contender's Match
6/12/18 Markeia McCarty Win by KO 2018 Innergeekdom Tournament
7/13/18 Eric Zipper Win by TKO 2018 Innergeekdom Tournament

2018 Collider Collision

8/7/18 Mara Knopic Loss in SD 2018 Innergeekdom Tournament

Exhibition Matches Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
July 24, 2018 William Bibbiani

Samm Levine

Marc Andreyko

John Rocha

Loss (3rd) Fatal Five-way

Ultimate Schmoedown History Edit

Year Category Result
2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Tag Team Eighth-finals (9th Place)
2017 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Semifinal (4th Place)