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Match History[]


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
4/14/17 2017 Free 4 All None Loss Draw Number: 24

Tom Dagnino

Jay Washington

Emma Fyffe

Brad Pitt Loss (4th)

Manager Bowl

2017 Schmoedown Spectacular

Teams Matches[]


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
7/30/15 Profiles (Scott Mantz & Alicia Malone) Mob Movies Win 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/8/15 Rotten Tomatoes (Matt Atchity & Grae Drake) Sports Movies Loss 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/11/16 Reel Rejects (Greg Alba & John Humphrey) Martin Scorsese Win
12/23/16 Team Trek (Scott Mantz & Jason Inman) Dramas Loss by TKO

#1 Contender Match

2016 Schmoedown Spectacular

1/24/17 Tuff Beats (Perri Nemiroff & Jonathan Voytko) Horror Win
4/18/17 Wolves of Steel (Mark Reilly & Clarke Wolfe) Will Smith Loss #1 Contender Match

Ultimate Schmoedown History[]

Year Category Result
2015 Ultimate Schmoedown Tag Team Quarterfinals (6th Place)

Awards and Nominations[]


2016 Heel Team of the Year (ETC)

2017 Manager of the Year