Take The Cannoli is Movie Trvia Schmoedown team consisting of Drew McWeeny and Brianne Chandler. They were paired as a result of Anarchy random pairings and are managed by Markeia McCarty. Having vacated the tag team belt, McWeeny was left without a teammate, and decided to participate in the Anarchy with a new partner. Brianne was the 2018 Free4All winner, which gave the team a huge boost in chemistry and knowledge.

They were able to tie the all-time record for most points obtained by a team (35 points) in their debut vs The Self-Righteous Brothers, and won the match, only to lose to The Harris Brothers at the quarter-finals.

Matches Played Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
10/5/18 The Self-Righteous Brothers (Witney Seibold & Marc Edward Heuck) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
10/19/18 The Harris Bros (Lon Harris & Jonathan Harris) Loss 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown