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Team Trek was a Movie Trivia Schmoedown team consisting of Scott Mantz and Jason Inman.

Match History[]

Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
11/8/16 Superhero News (Hector Navarro & Adam Hlavac) Cameron Diaz Win
12/13/16 Six Degrees (Brianne Chandler & Stacy Howard) Opponents Choice-Mixed Bag Win by TKO
12/23/16 ETC (Eliot Dewberry & Ricky Hayberg) Comic Book Movies Win by TKO

#1 Contender Match

2016 Schmoedown Spectacular

2/14/17 Patriots (JTE & Jeff Sneider) Comedies Loss in SD Championship Match
4/25/17 Heroes (Jon Schnepp & Robert Meyer Burnett) Romantic Comedies Loss
8/22/17 CinemaBlend (Conner Schwerdtfeger & Eric Eisenberg) Tom Cruise Win 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
9/5/17 Team Action (Ben Bateman & Andrew Ghai) 80's Loss by TKO 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
4/10/18 World's Finest (Winston Marshall & Eric Zipper) Oscar Movies Loss

Awards FR[]


2016 Babyface Team of the Year

2016 Team of the Year

2017 Babyface Team of the Year

2018 Upset of the Year (Lost to Worlds Finest)