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Former Members[]


Match History[]

Date Division Player/Team Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
2/6/20 Singles Robert Meyer Burnett Andrew Ghai Christopher Nolan Loss Schmoedown Live
2/13/20 Teams Deep 13 (Alonso Duralde & Witney Seibold) Tom and Paul (Paul Preston & Tom Reimann) Opponents Choice-Festival Darlings Win
3/13/20 Singles Ethan Erwin Jeff Sneider Julia Roberts Win
4/24/20 Singles Erik Barnes Claudia Dolph Scarlett Johansson Win
6/9/20 Innergeekdom Erik Barnes Greg Alba DCEU Movies Loss by KO

Qualifying Match

2020 Innergeekdom Tournament

6/12/20 Innergeekdom Brandon Hanna Saul Wizarding World Win 2020 Innergeekdom Tournament
6/17/20 Star Wars Ken Napzok Andres Cabrera Rogue One Loss 2020 Star Wars Tournament
7/10/20 Innergeekdom Brandon Hanna Alex Damon Spinners Choice-Star Trek Loss 2020 Innergeekdom Tournament
7/31/20 Teams Deep 13 (Alonso Duralde & Witney Seibold) Final Exam (Paul Oyama & Lon Harris) Festival Darlings Loss Schmoedown Throwdown
8/13/20 Singles Bonnie Somerville Marisol McKee Meryl Streep Loss

Qualifying Match

2020 Ultimate Schmoedown

8/19/20 Singles Jader Paramo Jim Vejvoda Spinners Choice-Pixar Win 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
8/20/20 Singles Alonso Duralde Brendan Meyer 80's Loss 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/2/20 Singles Witney Seibold Craig Gaynier Spy Movies Loss 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/11/20 Singles Erik Barnes Jeannine Brice Opponents Choice-Spike Lee Loss by TKO Schmoedown Throwdown
9/15/20 Singles Jader Paramo Tom Reimann Opponents Choice-80's Loss 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/30/20 Singles Witney Seibold None None Loss

Draw Number: 10

2020 Horror Free 4 All

10/30/20 Singles JTE None None Loss

Draw Number: 18

2020 Horror Free 4 All

11/12/20 Teams Category 9 (Jader Paramo & Brandon Hanna) The Odd Couple (Jeff Sneider & Marc Andreyko) Pixar Loss by TKO 2020 Ultimate Team Schmoedown


  • Jenna Busch was originally picked in the 8th round but was sent to The Usual Suspects when it was revealed that Samm Levine drafted her first but the wrong information was sent out to twitter and Rebekah McKendry was picked as the replacement.