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Match History[]

Date Division Player/Team Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
2/7/20 Singles Ben Goddard Robert Butler III Middle Earth Win
2/13/20 Teams Tom and Paul (Paul Preston & Tom Reimann) Deep 13 (Alonso Duralde & Witney Seibold) Opponents Choice-Romantic Comedies Loss
2/14/20 Singles Brett Sheridan Bonnie Somerville Opponents Choice-Meryl Streep Win
2/27/20 Star Wars Sean Sullivan Adam Witt Return of the Jedi Win
3/19/20 Innergeekdom Brandon Hanna Chandru Dhandapani (III) DCEU Movies Loss by TKO
3/27/20 Teams The Pride (Ben Goddard & Rachel Silvestrini) The Butcher Boys (Owen Moogan & Vinnie Mancuso) Adam Sandler Win by TKO
5/13/20 Exhibition Ben Goddard

Kevin Smets

Alex Damon

Robert Parker

The Battle of the Five Armies Loss (3rd) Lord of the Rings Fatal Four-Way Match
5/15/20 Teams The Pride (Ben Goddard & Rachel Silvestrini) Reel Rejects (Greg Alba & John Humphrey) Opponents Choice-80's Win
5/27/20 Star Wars Sean Sullivan Laura Kelly The Phantom Menace Loss 2020 Star Wars Tournament
6/4/20 Innergeekdom Ben Goddard Jim Vejvoda Opponents Choice-Scores and Soundtracks Win by TKO

Qualifying Match

2020 Innergeekdom Tournament

6/12/20 Innergeekdom Saul Brandon Hanna MCU Movies Loss 2020 Innergeekdom Tournament
7/3/20 Innergeekdom Ben Goddard Robert Parker Star Wars Loss 2020 Innergeekdom Tournament
8/7/20 Teams The Pride (Ben Goddard & Rachel Silvestrini) Final Exam (Paul Oyama & Lon Harris) Spy Movies Loss by TKO Schmoedown Throwdown
8/12/20 Singles James White Frank Moran Nora Ephron Win

Qualifying Match

2020 Ultimate Schmoedown

8/18/20 Singles Paul Preston Eric Zipper Comic Book Movies Loss by TKO 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
8/25/20 Singles Tom Reimann Tim Franco Julia Roberts Win 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
8/31/20 Singles Rachel Silvestrini Liz Shannon Miller 2010's Loss by TKO 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/7/20 Singles James White William Bibbiani 90's Loss 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/15/20 Singles Tom Reimann Jader Paramo Eddie Murphy Win 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/9/20 Singles Tom Reimann Ethan Erwin 70's Loss 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/30/20 Singles Paul Preston None None Loss

Draw Number: 4

2020 Horror Free 4 All

10/30/20 Singles Rachel Silvestrini None None Loss

Draw Number: 15

2020 Horror Free 4 All

11/13/20 Teams Tom and Paul (Paul Preston & Tom Reimann) Final Exam (Paul Oyama & Lon Harris) Comedies Loss by TKO 2020 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
12/12/20 Singles Zaflertinflouse Kevin Smith Dwayne Johnson Loss by TKO

2020 Schmoedown Spectacular


  • Diane Ademu-John was picked in the 5th round but later dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.