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The Family was a Schmoedown team consisting of Andrew Ghai and Drew McWeeny.

They joined when Ghai turned on Ben Bateman and Samm Levine retired the singles and team belts leaving McWeeny without a partner. They were managed by Robert Meyer Burnett at the beginning and later on recruited Innergeekdom rookie sensation Brandon Hanna to be their hypeman. They were heavily regarded as the most hated team in Schmoedown history due to Burnett's manager bowl win when he was able to be commissioner for 1 month and gave them easy victories by playing lesser teams instead of teams more on their level. After losing to Shazam in the finals of the team tournament, Ghai announced his retirement from competing, but quickly changed his mind at the 2019 Schmoedown Spectacular by planning to take down Burnett, thus reuniting him and McWeeny for the following season and are now managed by Samm Levine and became a face team. The duo played against KOrruption for a #1 contender match, and lost. As a result, McWeeny announced his retirement from competing.

Match History[]

Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
3/7/19 Ben Bateman/Tom Dagnino 90's Win
6/6/19 Inky and the Brain (Devon Stewart & Rachel Silvestrini) Comedies Win by TKO
8/1/19 Only Stupid Answers (DJ Wooldridge & Robert Adams) 90's Win
11/12/19 Wildberries (Josh MacugaEliot Dewberry) Spinners Choice-80's Win by TKO 2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/26/19 The Paddington Two (Matt Atchity & Alonso Duralde) Comedies Win 2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
12/4/19 Who's the Boss (Mark Reilly & Ben Bateman) 90's Win 2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
12/6/19 Shazam (William Bibbiani & Brendan Meyer) Dramas Loss

#1 Contender Match

2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Final

3/11/20 KOrruption (Mike Kalinowski & Chance Ellison) Coen Brothers Loss

#1 Contender Match

Schmoedown Throwdown