The Harris Brothers are a Tag Team made up of Lon Harris and Jonathan Harris, who were originally called "The Evil Geniuses" that featured Lon Harris and JTE, the latter of which was in an accident and had to be removed from the team and Jonathan Harris came in the Quarterfinals of the 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown. They are the first ever sibling duo to compete in the Schmoedown.

Season 5 Edit

Debut and JTE's Departure Edit

The team made their debut on October 9 2018, facing The Wildberries under the name "The Evil Geniuses", where they were able to win the match via TKO. However, JTE was involved in an accident which injured him and wasn't in a fit condition to compete further. Lon had to find a replacement for the subsequent rounds. He made contact with his brother Jonathan, and he agreed on replacing JTE and become his new partner.

Road to Anarchy Finals Edit

In the quarter finals, they were set to face Take The Cannoli, which was the team that tied the all-time record for points obtained in a match (35 points) and won the match. Next in the semi-finals, came another difficult match which was playing The Odd Couple. Prior to the match, Jeff Sneider, competitor of The Odd Couple, interfered during their post-match interview and said the brothers are just an unknown duo as compared to The Coen Brothers and made fun of them by saying "Jon, Lon... Who is next? Moron".

During the second round of their against The Odd Couple, the couple got "opponent's choice" which gave the brothers a huge advantage over them. They decided to give them "sports movies", which was a difficult category for The Odd Couple. It made a huge impact on the match, and allowed the brothers to win the match, advancing the finals.

Anarchy Finalist Edit

The Harris Bros. were set to play against Who's The Boss in the finals. However, after having a disastrous second round, it was already over for them. In the betting round, the brothers bet 3 points and lost all, whereas Who's The Boss bet 2 points and won it, resulting in a KO against the brothers at a score of 27-10.

Season 6 Edit

Season Start Edit

The siblings are set to face Critically Acclaimed at #1 contenders match in February 2019.

Matches Played Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
10/9/18 Wildberries (Josh Macuga & Eliot Dewberry) Win by TKO 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
10/19/18 Take the Cannoli (Drew McWeeny & Brianne Chandler) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
10/30/18 The Odd Couple (Jeff Sneider & Marc Andreyko) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/13/18 Who's The Boss (Mark Reilly & Ben Bateman) Loss #1 Contender Match

2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Final

2/7/19 Critically Acclaimed (William Bibbiani & Witney Seibold) Loss #1 Contender Match