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The Kingsmen was a Movie Trivia Schmoedown Team consisting of Devon Stewart and Jack Hind.

They were known for their patriotic mindset and represent the United Kingdom as a whole.

They had a brief feud with The Wildberries. Devon challenged Eliot to match by harassing him continuously. Macuga claimed that Devon is an American, not a Brit, which fueled their feud further. Eventually, they lost the match and the feud ended.

They disbanded when Devon joined up with Rachel Silvestrini and formed Inky and the Brain

Match History[]

Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
2/27/18 World's Finest (Winston Marshall & Eric Zipper) Comedy Loss by TKO
5/8/18 Wildberries (Josh Macuga & Eliot Dewberry) Robin Williams Loss by TKO