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The Paddington Two was a Movie Trivia Schmoedown tag team consisting of Alonso Duralde and Matt Atchity. They were paired as a result of the Anarchy random pairings.

Match History[]

Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
9/18/18 The War Machine (Jeannine Brice & Brian Walton) Cate Blanchett Win by TKO 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
10/12/18 The Odd Couple (Jeff Sneider & Marc Andreyko) Spinners Choice-Holiday Movies Loss 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
7/4/19 Time Machine (Ethan Erwin & Jeannine Brice) Disney Movies Loss in SD
11/22/19 The Supreme Intellect (Lon Harris & Simon Thompson) Alfred Hitchcock Win 2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/26/19 The Family (Andrew Ghai & Drew McWeeny) Kurt Russell Loss 2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown