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Former Members[]

Match History[]

Date Division Player/Team Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
2/26/22 Innergeekdom Chandru Dhandapani Kevin Smets (III) Wizarding World Loss
3/11/22 Singles Ethan Erwin Jeannine Brice Samuel L. Jackson Win
3/24/22 Exhibition Chandru Dhandapani

Amaru Moses

Chance Ellison

Brandon Hanna

Homes and Hideouts Win Harry Potter Fatal Four-Way Match (II)
4/22/22 Teams The Appointment (Ethan Erwin & Nick Harley) Top Dogs (Adam Gertler & Eric Zipper) Jack Nicholson Win
4/30/22 Singles Nick Harley None None Loss

Draw Number: 30

2022 Free 4 All

4/30/22 Singles Chandru Dhandapani None None Loss

Draw Number: 40

2022 Free 4 All

5/20/22 Teams The Appointment (Ethan Erwin & Nick Harley) Coast2Coast (Paul Oyama & Adam Collins) Batman Loss
7/15/22 Singles Ethan Erwin Brendan Meyer Jamie Lee Curtis Win #1 Contender Match
8/5/22 Singles Chandru Dhandapani Glory Gene Reichelt Pixar Loss
8/5/22 Singles Ethan Erwin Samm Levine Wizarding World Loss by TKO Championship Match