Who's The Boss is a Movie Trivia Schmoedown tag team consisting of Mark Reilly and Ben Bateman, which competes in Teams Division of Schmoedown.

Originally rivals, Reilly and Bateman became partners as a result of the Anarchy tournament draw. The duo made their debut on 28 September 2018. They went on a winning streak and won the 2018 Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament.

Season 5 Edit

The team were announced after the draw for the Anarchy Tournament. Initially, Reilly was not satisfied with his matching, due to his rivalry with Ben's then-partner Andrew Ghai, who had just TKO'ed Reilly and his Five Horsemen stablemate Dan Murrell. This was worsened when Tom Dagnino was paired with them as their manager, which made the pairing more strange. However, they were able to overcome their differences and made their debut against Crazy Eight Greats at the first round of the Anarchy Tournament. They were able to claim victory against them and went on a winning streak by defeating Cinemaniacs, KOrruption and KO'ing The Harris Brothers.

During their time, Bateman was known to be the competitor who made smack talks and Reilly was the calm and apologetic competitor of the duo. Their winning streak made them the fourth team in history to obtain four consecutive wins, thus making them a formidable team with a complimentary chemistry.

After winning Anarchy, they advanced to Schmoedown Spectacular III, to challenge the Shirewolves for the MTS Tag Team Championship Belts. They were able to lead both first and second round scoring 25 points, including a perfect round two. However, in their betting and speed round, they lost 2 points, and conversely the Shirewolves obtained 3 points. This made a huge impact on the game, where despite having a perfect round 3 by both teams, the final score became 31-34 in favor of the Shirewolves.

Season 6 Edit

Who's The Boss is set to face the winner of "The Odd Couple vs Scream Queens".

Matches Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
9/28/18 Crazy Eighty-Greats (Eric Zipper & Haleigh Foutch) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
10/16/18 Cinemaniacs (William Bibbiani & Matt Knost) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/2/18 KOrruption (Mike Kalinowski & Chance Ellison) Win 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/13/18 The Harris Brothers (Lon Harris & Jonathan Harris) Win by KO #1 Contender Match

2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Final

12/21/18 Shirewolves (Rachel Cushing & Clarke Wolfe) Loss Championship Match

2018 Schmoedown Spectacular

April 2019 Odd Couple/ Scream Queens #1 Contender Match