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William Bibbiani is the current two-time teams champion and former Schmoedown singles champion. He is also a critic and writer for Crave Online and co-hosts a podcast with Witney Seibold called Cancelled Too Soon.

William is best known in the Schmoedown for standing at the Schmoedown desk, a moment he has had since the 2018 Free 4 All.

Match History[]


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
11/11/16 Marc Andreyko Comic Book Movies Win
1/20/17 JTE Scores & Soundtracks Loss by TKO
3/10/17 Eliot Dewberry Classics Win by TKO
4/14/17 2017 Free 4 All None Loss Draw Number: 19
5/19/17 Kristian Harloff Comedy Loss
8/4/17 Scott Mantz Coming of Age Win
10/4/17 Samm Levine Festival Darlings Loss 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown
3/2/18 Drew McWeeny Spinners Choice-Horror Loss
4/13/18 2018 Free 4 All None Loss (MVP) Draw Number: 20
7/10/18 Jeff Sneider Famous Actors and Actresses Win by KO #1 Contender Match
8/21/18 Marc Andreyko (II) Musicals Win Championship Match
10/26/18 John Rocha Horror Loss Championship Match
3/8/19 Lon Harris John Carpenter Win by TKO
3/29/19 2019 Free 4 All None Loss (MVP)

Draw Number: 1

Schmoedown Live


Ethan Erwin

John Rocha (II)

Opponents Choice-Disaster Movies Win #1 Contender Match
5/3/19 Dan Murrell Kevin Smith Loss by TKO Championship Match
9/20/19 Chance Ellison Horror Win

Schmoedown Throwdown

2019 Ultimate Schmoedown

10/11/19 Ethan Erwin (II) Horror Win 2019 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/16/19 John Rocha (III) Opponents Choice-Sly and Arnie Win 2019 Ultimate Schmoedown
12/17/19 Ben Bateman Pixar Loss by TKO

#1 Contender Match

2019 Ultimate Schmoedown Final

Schmoedown Live

2019 Schmoedown Spectacular


Dan Murrell (II)

Brendan Meyer

Oscar Movies Loss (3rd)

#1 Contender Match

Schmoedown Live

9/7/20 James White Action/Adventure Win 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
9/21/20 Craig Gaynier Spinners Choice-Mel Brooks Win 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/1/20 Liz Shannon Miller Spinners Choice-Horror Loss 2020 Ultimate Schmoedown
3/19/21 Paul Oyama Robert De Niro Loss Schmoedown Throwdown
4/24/21 2021 Free 4 All None Loss Draw Number: 5
8/5/21 Jacob Blunden Kevin Hart Win 2021 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/1/21 Ty Lieberman Oscar Movies Win Schmoedown Live

2021 Ultimate Schmoedown

11/5/21 David Del Rio Stephen King Win 2021 Ultimate Schmoedown
11/17/21 Griffin Newman Drew Barrymore Loss in SD 2021 Ultimate Schmoedown

Team Matches[]

"Critically Acclaimed"

Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
7/18/17 Only Stupid Answers (DJ Wooldridge & Sam Bashor) New Releases Win by TKO
8/25/17 Late to the Party (Robert Montano & Vanessa Fitzsimmons) Spinners Choice-Alfred Hitchcock Loss 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
5/1/18 Superhero News (Sean Gerber & Sabina Graves) Tim Burton Win by TKO
6/22/18 Modok (Matt Atchity & Grae Drake) Animated Win by TKO
2/7/19 The Harris Bros. (Lon Harris & Jonathan Harris) 90's Win by TKO #1 Contender Match
3/21/19 Shirewolves (Clarke Wolfe & Rachel Cushing) John Carpenter Loss Championship Match


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
10/2/18 Franchise Force (Ethan Erwin & Sabina Graves) Steven Spielberg Win by TKO 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
10/16/18 Who's the Boss (Mark Reilly & Ben Bateman) Fantasy/Sci-Fi Loss 2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown


Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes
8/15/19 Scream Queens (Haleigh Foutch & Kalyn Corrigan) 2000's Win by TKO
11/14/19 The Movie Guys (Paul PrestonAdam Witt) 90's Win 2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
11/29/19 The Odd Couple (Jeff Sneider & Marc Andreyko) Opponents Choice-Dance Movies Win 2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
12/2/19 The Loony Bin (Drew Grant & Tom Reimann) Oscar Movies Win 2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
12/6/19 The Family (Andrew Ghai & Drew McWeeny) Robin Williams Win

#1 Contender Match

2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Final

12/17/19 Founding Fathers (John Rocha & Dan Murrell) David Fincher Loss by TKO

Championship Match

2019 Schmoedown Spectacular

8/14/20 Final Exam (Paul Oyama & Lon Harris) Clint Eastwood Win Schmoedown Throwdown
8/21/20 Who's the Boss (Mark Reilly & Ben Bateman) Comedies Win by KO

#1 Contender Match

Schmoedown Throwdown

10/16/20 KOrruption (Mike Kalinowski & Chance Ellison) Young Adult Adaptations Win

Championship Match

Schmoedown Throwdown

12/12/20 The Odd Couple (Jeff Sneider & Marc Andreyko) (II) Jim Henson Loss

Championship Match

2020 Schmoedown Spectacular

4/2/21 Final Exam (Paul Oyama & Lon Harris) (II) Horror Win by TKO #1 Contender Match
5/28/21 Jeff Sneider & Jeannine Brice Mel Brooks Win

Championship Match

Schmoedown Battlefield

7/31/21 KOrruption (Mike Kalinowski & Chance Ellison) (II) 2000's Win in SD

Championship Match

2021 Schmoedown Collision

10/29/21 Lightning Time (Ethan Erwin & Liz Shannon Miller) Alfred Hitchcock Win by KO Championship Match

Schmoedown Versus

12/4/21 King Arthur (Jeffrey Kan & Griffin Newman) David Lynch Win Championship Match

Schmoedown Live

2021 Schmoedown Spectacular

Exhibition Matches[]

Date Competitor Round 2 Category Outcome Notes

Rachel Cushing

Samm Levine

Marc Andreyko

John Rocha

Horror/Thriller Win Exclusive Fatal Five-Way

Kalyn Corrigan

Marc Andreyko (II)

Haleigh Foutch

Mark Reilly

Zombies Win Fatal Five-Way Horror Match

Alex Marzoña

Perri Nemiroff

Brendan Meyer

Opponents Choice-Comic Book Movies Loss (4th) New Releases Fatal Four-Way Match

Drew Grant

Witney Seibold

Mike Mendez

Wes Craven Win Horror Movie Match (II)

Jeannine Brice

Rachel Silvestrini 

Tom Dagnino 

Christmas Crime/Action Win Holiday Movie Match (II)

Marc Andreyko (III)

Mark Reilly (II)

James Janisse

Chelsea Rebecca

Mixed Bag Loss (2nd) Horror Fatal Five-Way Match (III)

Drew Grant (II)

Adam Collins

Opponents Choice-Hammer Horror Loss (3rd) Horror Triple Threat Match
6/24/21 Marisol McKee Oscar Movies Loss Meryl Streep Exhibition Match
7/23/21 Chance Ellison Opponents Choice-Quotes Win The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Exhibition Match

Ultimate Schmoedown History[]

Year Category Result
2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Tag Team Eighth-finals (13th Place)
2017 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Eighth-finals (13th Place)
2018 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Tag Team Quarterfinals (7th Place)
2019 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Finals (2nd Place)
2019 Ultimate Team Schmoedown Team Winner
2020 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Quarterfinals (8th Place)
2021 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Semifinals (4th Place)

Awards and Nominations[]

Current 2x Teams Champion

Former Singles Champion

2019 Teams Tournament Winner

2019 Singles Tournament Finalist


2016 Rookie of the Year

2016 Singles Match of the Year (Bibbiani v Andreyko)

2017 Entrance of the Year Singles (Transports in as Predator)

2017 Upset of the Year (Lost to JTE)

2017 Heel of the Year

2018 Best Singles Entrance (Clue against Sneider)

2018 Best Singles Entrance (MST3K against Andreyko)

2018 Best Teams Entrance (Modok and Critically Acclaimed Bill & Ted Entrance)

2018 Match of the Year (Bibbiani v Rocha)

2018 Team of the Year (Critically Acclaimed)

2018 Singles Player of the Year

2019 Best Entrance by an Individual (Love Actually Entrance v Chance)

2019 Babyface of the Year

2019 Match of the Year (Shazam v Movie Guys)

2019 Team of the Year (Shazam)

2019 Singles Player of the Year

2019 Player of the Year

2020 Match of the Year (Odd Couple v Shazam)

2020 Match of the Year (Murrell v Bibbiani v Meyer)

2020 Babyface Team of the Year (Shazam)

2020 Moment of the Year (Moment with Andreyko at Spectacular)

2020 Entrance of the Year (Shazam skit against Final Exam)

2020 Faction of the Year (Quirky Mercs)

2020 Team of the Year (Shazam)


2016 Entrance of the Year (Hannibal Lecter against Marc Andreyko)

2017 Upset of the Year (Critically Acclaimed lost to Late to the Party)

2018 Comeback Player of the Year

2019 Best Teams Entrance (Shazam pretends to be announcers)

2019 Babyface Team of the Year (Shazam)

2019 New Team of the Year (Shazam)

2019 Moment of the Year (Goes from 1 to the end in Free For All)